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    Gatosk is the first print on demand apparel company in

    network marketing that feature the patent pending

    1.5x Grid which creates more spillover for downlines.

    Our Marketing Suite and Advertising Campaign Center 

    contain powerful advertising tools for your marketing needs.

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    We are the first eCommerce marketplace to sell print-on-demand merchandise through the network marketing channel.

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    Compensation Plan
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    2% of the proceeds
    will go to charity.
    Gatosk will participate in humanitarian
    activities including charity
    to organizations that serve the public.


Welcome to Gatosk

We are a print-on-demand eCommerce business that is passionate about decorating apparel items.




Let's Work together

Gatosk Opportunity


Tap Into

Large Customer Bases

Gatosk offers exceedingly affordable customizable apparel items, advertising spaces, and service packages for web shoppers and advertisers. These people are your customers. We reward distributors, graphic designers, and advertisers with an excellent patent pending compensation plan. We reward customers with store credits. We are a community-oriented profit organization. Everybody loves Gatosk!

Graphic art monetization

We sell your design

You make money

On your designs

You are a designer, so you design. Let us do the heavy lifting of selling your work. That way you have a bit of free time to practice your craft or try new techniques and be as free and creative as possible. All you have to do is to upload your design and we do the rest of the selling. gatosk.com has a very high traffic of web shoppers..

Marketing Suite

All Your Marketing Needs

Gatosk back office,

Powerful Tools

In the Gatosk back office, there is a marketing suite for all your marketing needs to promote Gatosk products. The suite will include the following:
Your Gatosk Store weblink
Your Gatosk opportunity referral link
Gatosk promotional banners
Gatosk promotional texts
Landing pages
Lead capture pages
Autoresponder system

Compensation Plan

1.5x Grid Compensation Plan

1.5x Grid

Compensation Plan

At Gatosk, we are making the forced matrix more narrower. The more narrower a matrix is, the more teamwork and motivation. Instead of a 2x, we devised a new, narrower matrix. We call this matrix, 1.5x Grid. Instead of two positions on each front line seen in 2x matrices, the 1.5x Grid has one (whole) and one half position on each front line.

Introduction to Gatosk

1-Minute Animation On Our 1.5x Grid Compensation Plan

Why Gatosk


No Autoship, No Product Refills


No Monthly Payment Requirement

Start Up Costs

No Distributor Start Up Costs


Affordable Print-On-Demand (POD) Products

Competitive Prices

Gatosk takes pride in our competitive prices

Service Packages

Optional Auto-Renewable Service Packages